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I See Graphs 10.4

A program for mathematics teachers who teach their students how to draw graphs
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I See Graphs is a program for mathematics teachers who need to show their students how to draw graphs. The program allows users to draw graphs of the following kinds: Slider Graphs, Function Theory, Inequalities, Probability, 3D Graphs, Standard, Parametric or Polar Equations, Regression, Statistics and Matrices.

The interface will let you input the values, then it will calculate the results and graph them. You will see the graphs while you enter the values, and you can erase your entries and correct them in order to obtain the graphs you want. A tab in the interface has a scientific calculator that you can use to calculate the values you want to enter in your graph. You can export your data to an Excel spreadsheet, or import data from a CSV file.

The program allows you to customize the appearance of the screen by letting you choose a background image and a primary and a secondary color for the interface windows. The Home tab will also show some phrases by famous people, and the image you have chosen for the program to show.

Daniel Ángel Romero
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